Why You Can’t Afford To Travel

I walked over to a table and sat down. Quickly after sitting down, I was joined by a friend I had not seen in some time. She looked at me and we started talking and catching up on our lives. She was telling me about all of her life changes. She spoke of her new job, new boyfriend, her dreams, and of course her dream to travel. She looked at me and said she can’t wait have enough money to travel.
I looked at her and paused.Those words kind of sickened me. 
She said with her college debt, rent, car, insurance and all of her monthly payments she was just breaking even. She didn’t have the money to travel. 

I asked her how many times does she eat out every week. She looked skeptical. She proceeded to say 5 times a week… everyday for lunch. 
I asked how many peppermint lattes do you get from Starbucks per week? (Which were her favorite). She answered at least 2 or 3.
I then asked what car she drives. She smiled and said I get what your saying but I still can’t afford it. I saw her 2013 Dodge Avenger sitting outside. 
I said look, without going any further you spend roughly $30/week on lunch, $8/week on Lattes, and a car payment of around $360/month.  
If you bought a car around $15,000 instead of $20,000 that would save you $90/month. 
If you brought your lunch you would save about $120/month.
If you stopped buying lattes you would save $32/month.
If you stop getting lattes, brought your lunch to work and just bought a car a couple of years older you would save $242/month. 
You could go to Asia for $470 round trip from Chicago. You could then stay for two weeks in a $20/night hotel (a nice hotel) and then eat for around $2/meal. 
For $834 you can fly to China, stay for two weeks, and have the vacation of a lifetime. After 4 months you would have enough money to go to China. 
What I’m trying to get at is just like any sport, any art, or anything you do in life you have to put in the effort. I know everyone’s situation in life is different and it isn’t a reality for some people but as for my friend she has already booked her trip. 
So why can’t you afford to travel- most of the time it is because you don’t want it bad enough. You have to want it. You have to sacrifice. 

Avoid those expensive luxury vacations. Just go. Experience the culture. Learn to live how the locals do. Go explore. Just live.

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